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  • Venti Kit

    Venti Kit

    1. Multiple Safety Protections
    2. 3000mAh Battery Capacity
    3. 510 Spring Loaded Connector
    4. Stainless Steel Construction

    $44.90 $59.90

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    Powered by a 18650 cell
    100W max power
    7.5ml bottle capacity
    22mm diameter
    $47.60 $60.90
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  • Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual with GNOME King

    Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual with GNOME King

    Powered by dual 18650 cells
    230W max power
    5.8ml/2ml e-juice capacity
    WM01 0.4ohm head
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  • LUXOTIC NC with Guillotine V2

    LUXOTIC NC with Guillotine V2

    Compatible with dual 20700/ 18650 cells
    250W max output power
    24mm tank diameter
    Clapton 0.28ohm coil
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  • CB-80 with Amor NS Pro

    CB-80 with Amor NS Pro

    Powered by an 18650 cell
    80W maximum output
    2ml e-liquid capacity
    22mm tank diameter
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  • Wismec HiFlask Kit

    HiFlask Kit

    1. 2100mAh battery capacity.
    2. 5.6ml/2ml e-liquid capacity.
    3. Adjustable airflow system.
    4. JVUA (Juice Vertical & U Airflow) system.


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  • Wismec Motiv 2 Kit

    Motiv 2 Kit

    1.500mAh built-in battery and 10W max power.
    2.2ml/3ml cartridge.
    3.Three color LEDs.
    4.Convenient filling system.


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  • LUXOTIC MF Box Kit

    LUXOTIC MF Box Kit

    1. 100W max output
    2. Guillotine V2 24mm RDA
    3. Single 18650/21700 battery, dual 18650 battery
    4. Premade Clapton 0.28ohm coil and open build space


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  • Wismec Active Kit

    Active with Amor NS Plus

    2100mAh built-in battery and 80W max output
    4.5ml e-liquid capacity
    Innovative bluetooth technology
    WS04 MTL 1.3ohm head
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    1. 2300mAh internal battery
    2. 40W max output power
    3. 2ml e-liquid capacity


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  • SINUOUS V200 with Amor NSE

    SINUOUS V200 with Amor NSE

    Dual 18650 cells
    200W max output
    3ml e-juice capacity
    26mm tank diameter
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  • SINUOUS V80 with Amor NSE

    SINUOUS V80 with Amor NSE

    Single 18650 cell
    80W max output
    3ml e-juice capcity
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    Triple 18650 batteries
    300 watts max output
    6.5ml e-liquid capacity
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  • Active with Amor NSE

    Active with Amor NSE

    2100mAh internal battery with 80W
    3ml e-liquid capacity
    Innovative Bluetooth technology
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  • Wismec LUXOTIC DF BOX Kit with Guillotine V2 RDA

    Wismec Luxotic DF BOX Kit with Guillotine V2 RDA

    Dual 18650 batteries
    200W max output
    7ml e-liquid bottle
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  • Wismec Luxotic Surface Squonk Kit

    Wismec Luxotic Surface Squonk Kit

    6.5ml e-liquid bottle
    Single 18650 cell with 80W
    Brand-new mesh heater
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  • Reuleaux RX2 21700 Kit

    Reuleaux RX2 21700 Kit

    1. Compatible with both 21700 and 18650 cells
    2. 230W max power
    3. 2ml/ 4ml tank capacity

    $65.60 $73.00

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  • Wismec SINUOUS RAVAGE230 Kit

    Wismec SINUOUS RAVAGE230 Kit

    1. Powered by dual replaceable 18650 cells, max up to 200W
    2. Output Mode: VW/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR mode
    3. 2A Max Charging Current for Quick Charge
    4. 2ml/4ml E-Liquid Capacity available for your preference

    $60.80 $74.90

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  • Reuleaux RX75 Kit

    Reuleaux RX75 Kit

    All Hidden Buttons & Magnetic Back Cover
    Inspired by VWT420
    Designed by Jaybo
    Replaceable Front Coverr
    E-Liquid Capacity of 2ml
    Variable Temperature Control with Upgradeable Firmware

    $38.90 $46.90

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  • Vicino

    Wismec Vicino Starter Kit

    Single Replaceable Cell
    Dual Circuit Protection
    Stainless Steel Construction
    Top E-liquid Filling & Bottom Airflow Control
    E-liquid Capacity of 3.5ml
    $23.60 $26.90
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  • Vicino D30 Kit

    Vicino D30 Starter Kit

    1.Optional VW & BYPASS Mode
    2.Large Battery Capacity of 3000mAh
    3.Dual Circuit Protection
    4.Huge E-liquid Capacity of 6ml
    5.Top Filling System & Bottom Airflow Control

    $42.90 $54.90

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  • Wismec Motiv


    Elliptic Device with Built-in Atomizer
    Unique Leakproof System
    Fashionable Colors for Your Preference
    Indicator Light with Seven Changeable Colors
    Integrated Design with 2ml E-liquid Capacity
    $22.90 $32.90
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  • Reuleaux RXmini Kit

    Reuleaux RXmini Kit

    1. 80W Max Output and 2100mAh Built-in Battery
    2. Upgradeable Firmware with Preheat Function
    3. Top Filling System & Bottom Airflow Control

    $41.90 $54.90

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  • Predator 228

    PREDATOR 228

    1. 228W/50A Out Put
    2. Support 2A quick charge
    3. Elabo with retractable top filling solution and innovative childproof lock system

    $54.90 $69.90
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  • Motiv POD Kit

    Motiv POD Kit

    All-in-one style design
    2200mAh Built-in Battery
    4ml E-liquid capacity
    Side Filling system
    $19.90 $21.90
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  • EXO Skeleton ES300 Starter Kit


    Unique Transparent Body with Top OLED Screen
    Brand-new WT Series Coils with Optimal Flavor and Huge Cloud
    Optional 2cells for 200w and 3cells for 300w output
    Support 2A Quick Charging and Serving as a Power Bank
    $69.90 $79.90
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  • Banner

    SINUOUS P80 With Elabo Mini

    Max output power 80W with single 18650 cell
    With Slide-Top filling 2ml E-liquid capacity
    With Preheat and LED Light with changeable colors Functions
    Comes With Upgradeable Firmware
    $42.90 $49.90
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  • RX GEN3 Vape Kit

    Reuleaux RX GEN3 with GNOME Kit

    Max output power 300W
    Switchable VW/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR modes
    Big OLED screen display: 1.3 inches
    All-new WM coils for huge vapor and optimal flavor
    $56.90 $64.90
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  • Sinuous SW Poster

    Wismec SINUOUS SW

    1. 3000mAh battery capacity and 50W maximum output power
    2. Two e-liquid capacity: 2ml/4ml
    3. Replaceable decorative tubes in attractive colors
    4. Flip-open filling design with child lock system

    $39.90 $46.90

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  • Sinuous Fj200 Kit

    Sinuous FJ200 With DIVIDER

    1. 4600mAh built-in battery and 200W max output power.
    2. 2ml tank which is convertable to 4ml.
    3. Ergonomic design for easy carrying with centered 510 connector.
    4. Innovative temperature protection technology newly introduced.

    $57.90 $68.90

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  • Poster

    Reuleaux RX Machina with Guillotine RDA Kit

    Atrractive Honeycomb Resin tube design.
    Interchangeable exterior sleeves. 
    Newly-introduced Clapton coil.
    Detachable structure without traditional thread connection.
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  • Reuleaux RX2 20700 Kit-Overall

    Reuleaux RX2 20700 with GNOME

    20700 and 18650 cells and 200W maximum output.
    Two e-liquid capacity: 2ml and 4ml.
    2A current quick charge and upgradeable firmware with timeout setting.
    1.3 inch large dispaly screen with user-friendly interface
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  • CB-60 Poster

    Wismec CB-60 Full Kit

    Designed for high Nicotine and Nic-salts vaper
    Designed for the Mouth To Lung (MTL) vape
    Built-in 2300mAh battery and max output power of 60w
    With 2A Quick Charge and Temperature Protection
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  • Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 Kit

    Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 Kit

    Support dual 18650 batteries
    6.5ml/2ml e-juice capacity
    200W max output power
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