Weight: 0.2500 KG

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1. 2300mAh internal battery
2. 40W max output power
3. Bypass/Constant Power mode

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    Brand: Wismec
    Product Name: SINUOUS SOLO
    SKU: WISMEC014900
    Type: Box Mod / Vape Mod / Battery Mod
    Launched Time: September 13th, 2018
    Status: Pre Order


    Wismec SINUOUS SOLO Mod boasts optional modes: direct output and constant power output with multiple circuit protections. It is powered by internal 2300mAh battery and supports 40 watts max output. Besides, it also features indicator light to show battery status.

    Parameters of SINUOUS SOLO

    Height: 90mm
    Diameter: 22mm
    Weight: 72.5g
    Battery capacity: 2300mAh
    Max output wattage: 40W
    Output mode: Bypass/Constant power mode
    Max charging current: 2A

    Features of SINUOUS SOLO

    1. Indicator light to show battery status
    2. Bypass/Constant Power mode available for your preference
    3. Multiple circuit protection system for safe vaping
    4. Internal 2300mAh battery supporting a max power of 40W
    5. Three different patterns with attractive colors for your option
    6. Available in multiple gorgeous colors

    How to Charge

    1. Simply charge SINUOUS SOLO Mod by connecting it with a computer, a power bank, a wall adapter or other electronic devices (with a USB port that is capable of providing a charge) via USB cable, also you can purchase an inexpensive USB car adapter, thereby affording you the ability to charge the SINUOUS SOLO Mod in the car. This is particularly useful while you are on long drives and road trips.
    2. The indicator light will keep in red while charging and go out when it is fully charged.

    Package Comes With

    1 * Wismec SINUOUS SOLO 2300mAh 40W Battery
    1 * QC USB Cable
    1 * User Manual

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