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1. 510 Spring Loaded Connector
2. All Stainless Steel Construction
3. Magnetic Fire Button
4. Hybrid Adaptor


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    Product Introduction:

    The Skyladon is a mechanical mod made of stainless steel and can be compatible with 18650 battery. Its highlights lie in two parts: the spring loaded connector in top cover and the magnetic fire button on bottom, which makes the device more durable and adaptable. More ever, people can adjust the length of MOD by replacing the adaptor with top cover at ease.



    Diameter: 22mm
    Length: 93.4mm
    Color: Silver
    Battery type: 18650


    1. All Stainless Steel Construction.
    2. 510 Spring Loaded Connector.
    3. Magnetic Fire Button.
    4. Hybrid Adaptor.

    How to Assemble Skyladon Fire Button Components:

    First, Put magnet ring into the corresponding ring groove in Part 1 and Part 2.
    Second, Have a check to make sure they repel each other.
    Third, Put Part 2 into battery tube as the picture shows.
    Fourth, Put Part 1 into bottom cover as the picture shows
    Fifth, Screw bottom cover with battery tube

    Wismec Skyladon comes with:

    1× Top Cover
    1× Battery Tube
    1× Bottom Cover
    1× Fire Button
    1× Hybrid Adaptor (Spare part for top cover)

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