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This was one of the first mod I bought. It’s very small, but has some weight to it that feels nice in the hand. There is no rattle in this MOD at all. It is simple to use, and in temp mode is fairly accurate. I usually have to go a bit higher on temp using the Ni and Ti heads, but it is still a great unit for someone getting into T/C units. It’s not ideal for taking out into the woods though. I always recommend using an internal battery device for outdoors use. If you’re a vape bar person, or just a sit at home vaper, this is a great unit to have. A bite-sized version of the excessively popular Presa TC 75W, the Mini version promises the same level of power and performance in a more compact package. Keeping in line with the less-is-more theme, this MOD is powered by a single (replaceable) 18650 battery, and fires up to 60W. Comes pre-installed with Ni-200 coil head, with the option to use the included Ti coil head. It is important to lock in your resistance while the unit is cool while in temp mode.

Negers -Riverside, CA

Reviews from Llamas

if you like to build, this can be one for your collection. Love the build desk and the quality! it is a perfect match for the noisy cricket and rx200. but i have one compaint that is the top pops off at the flick of the mod. overall it is awesome. .

Gosa -Des Moines, IA

Reviews from Foster

First off, this is an absolutely beautiful atty. It's sitting on a black Reuleaux RX-200 and it looks stunning. Only tried out the .25 coils right now and been hitting them at 75-120w with no problems whatsoever. Just all around spectacular. The airflow is great and the stock coil heads work very well. Haven't had any issues with leaking and the spit back has been minimal for me and only when I first broke in the coil.

Brown -Miami, FL

Reviews from Martin

Excellent performance all around. This mod is a fantastic performer in all areas. Power, flexibility, accuracy, it has them all. The internal charging is excellent also. I'very been using this as my go to device for the last month and it really doesn't seem to have any weak areas. It's small for a three battery mod and has a wonderful, solid feel in your hand. Some folks find it heavy, I am not one of them.

Zia -Miami, FL

Reviews from Carol

I'm really enjoying the Reuleaux RX200! It's a great price and a nice easy to use mod. A little on the heavy side but to be expected since it uses 3 18650's. I've had it for over a month now and haven't had any issues. Highly recommend.

Glennie -New York, NY

Reviews from Tony
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