Reuleaux RX200S Front and Back Cover

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1. Four colors are available
2. Designed for Reuleaux RX200S
3. Easy to replace
4. High quality by Wismec

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    Reuleaux RX200S Front and Back Cover

    Product Introduction

    Replaceable front and back covers for Reuleaux RX200S, high quality manufactured by Wismec, easy to use and remove. Four colors are available now, you can choose your favourite to make your mod looks different and beautiful.

    RX200S Front and Back Cover



    Material: Plastic

    Colors: Grey, Red, Black, Blue

    Function: To protect the Reuleaux RX200S and make it more beautiful



    Multi colors for you to choose, to protect your RX200S mod and make it beautiful. No need to worry about the cleaning issues, it's very easy to clean or remove so you can change for another one any time you want.


    This cover is designed for Reuleaux RX200S, you can pick and match the colors to your preference. If you want to change for another one, it's also easy to remove.

    RX200S mod

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