Indestructible RDA

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Weight: 0.2000 KG

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Utilized All 303 Stainless Steel Construction
Innovative Top Cap with Hidden Adjustable Airflow
Unique Open Slot Wire Terminals
Single Coil Option
Peek Insulators
Non Rotating Center Post

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    Wismec Indestructible RDA Atomizer

    Wismec Indestructible RDA Atomizer Details

    Brand: Wismec
    Product Name: Indestructible RDA Atomizer
    SKU: WISMEC011900
    Type: Atomizer / Vape Tank

    About Indestructible RDA Atomizer

    The Indestructible(RDA atomizer) is another breakthrough design from Jay-Bo due to its one-of-a-kind features and the creative airflow washer. One can enjoy different vaping experiences through the precise top airflow control. The atomizer deck is one of the easiest to build on due to its wide open slot wire terminals and oversized juice well.

    Wismec Indestructible RDA Tank

    Parameter of Wismec Indestructible RDA Atomizer

    Diameter: 22mm
    Length: 36mm
    Material: 303 stainless steel

    Features of Wismec Indestructible RDA Atomizer

    1. All-metal Body
    2. Blocked Single Coil Air Holes in Dual Coil Mode & Large Offset Airhole Cluster Specifically for Single Coil.
    3. Innovative Airflow Washer: Accurate airflow control is guaranteed due to the design of Indestructible airflow washer. Rotate it to enjoy different vaping experience.
    4. DIY fun and Balanced Coil Posts: Unique build deck provides total freedom, as each terminal is slotted to accommodate a vast array of coil preferences. The large cyclops style center post is ideal for Clapton Builds and perfectly centered micro coils.
    5. Conical Top Cap Using Vortex Flow Technology: The top cap features unique vortex flow design bringing you a better flavor and atomizing performance.
    6. Specifically Designed Base: The two artfully made juice wells store liquid and extra cotton so as to keep the coils saturated for longer periods of time.

    The Package of Wismec Indestructible RDA Atomizer Comes With:

    ☑ 1 x Top Cap
    ☑ 1 x Airflow Washer
    ☑ 1 x Airflow Base
    ☑ 1 x Sleeve
    ☑ 1 x Atomizer Base
    ☑ 2 x Phillip Screws
    ☑ 2 x Hexagon Screws
    ☑ 3 x seal ring

    Guarantee of Indestructible RDA Atomizer

    ❤ 3 months Guarantee for Wismec Indestructible RDA Atomizer

Money Back Guarantee+Perfect Gift