Bambino RDA

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All Stainless Steel Construction
Rebuildable Heating Coil
Unique Vortex Flow Design
Coil Deck With Deeper Juice Well
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    Wismec Bambino RDA

    Wismec Bambino RDA Details

    Brand: Wismec
    Product Name: Bambino RDA Atomizer
    SKU: WISMEC012000
    Type: Atomizer / Vape Tank

    About Wismec Bambino RDA

    The Bambino is a rebuildable dripping atomizer( RDA ) designed by the famous designer JayBo. It is made of 303 stainless steel, the appearance is chic and tiny with totally six air-inlet holes insuring a large airflow. you can wrap coils at ease and enjoy with the fun of DIY. Coil Deck With Deeper Juice Well, What’s more, unique vortex flow design of the top cap will bring you a better vaping experience.

    Bambino RDA Tank

    Parameter of Wismec Bambino RDA

    Diameter: 22mm
    Length: 25.5mm
    Material: 303 Stainless Steel

    Features of Wismec Bambino RDA

    1) All Stainless Steel Construction: The Bambino is made of all stainless steel so that the device will be more durable.
    2) Rebuildable Heating Coil:The Bambino features the RBA function so that you can wrap coils at ease and enjoy with the fun of DIY. Also there are a total of three posts on atomizer base which means it can handle single or dual coils.
    3) Unique Vortex Flow Design: The top cap features unique vortex flow design which will bring you a better atomizing performance.
    4) No Thread Connection: Creatively use the black heat-resisting O-rings as the connection part instead of traditional thread connection, which substantially increases the convenience and could avoid any thread problems.
    5) Coil Deck With Deeper Juice Well: You don’t need to worry about the bleeking problems due to the artful design of coil deck: liquid will leak into the deck instead of dirty your hands and sweater. Also it’s ultra-deep juice well will keep your wicks soaked with delicious juice for incredible lengths of time..

    The Package of Wismec Bambino RDA Comes With:

    ☑ 1 x Top Cap/Mouthpiece
    ☑ 1 x Atomizer Tube
    ☑ 1 x Atomizer Base
    ☑ 3 x Small Screw

    Guarantee of Bambino RDA Tank

    ❤ 3 months Guarantee for Wismec Bambino RDA Tank

Money Back Guarantee+Perfect Gift